Classroom Policies


Students are expected to behave according to the standards set forth in the Student Handbook.  Any behavior contrary to these standards will be subject to disciplinary action.


Students are to complete assignments in a timely manner.  Classwork is to be completed in class; homework is to be completed at home.  Students not completing the appropriate assignment during class will have what they are working on taken up to be returned at the end of class.  Assignments are considered late as soon as the deadline for completion has passed.  Students have five (5) days to turn in late work.  All late work will have an automatic 25% point deduction.  No late work will be accepted after five (5) days of original due date. It is the student's responsibility to check Google Calendar and Google Classroom for missed assignments due to absences.  

Students who are absent have one week to make-up missed assignments for full credit (with excused absence).  After one week, missed assignments will not be accepted. Assignments missed during unexcused absences will not be accepted.

Late assignments or make-up work must be submitted to Mr. Ladd via the Google Form linked both on this website and Google Classroom.  If you do not submit late or make-up work through the Google Form, it will not be graded.

Make up exams or quizzes must be scheduled with Mr. Ladd before or after school. You must receive a pass from Mr. Ladd to be permitted to come before school.

At no point are students allow to use translation services such as Google Translate to complete assignments.  Evidence of use of translation services will result in an immediate 0 on the assignment and the student will not be allowed to make up the assignment.  It is very easy for me to tell if students use translation services. DON'T TRY IT.

Mobile Devices/BYOD

Students are encouraged to bring their mobile devices (such as cell phones, tablets, laptops, etc.) to class.  We will use these devices almost everyday. Students are expected to use their mobile devices for the purposes of completing assignments only.  Students may not text, message, play games, take selfies, etc. during class time.  Any student found using his or her mobile device for unauthorized activities will have his or her device taken up to be returned at the end of the school day (after 3:05 pm).  This includes students who have athletic activities after 3rd block.  You will not get your phone back until 3:05 pm.  Students who have their mobile devices taken up more than twice will be required to have their parents/guardians come pick up the device.  No exceptions.   


Students are given one hall pass punch card with five pass punches.  Students must use these punches in order to leave the room during class time for any reason.  Students will not be permitted to leave class once they use all punches. NO EXCEPTIONS. Use your punches wisely.  I do not accept passes from other teachers.  It is important that you are in class. We do a lot of work everyday.  Please do not ask to be excused to another location during our class time.  The answer is no.   

Students may not give, sell, or otherwise transfer their passes to another student.  If a student does not bring his or her pass to class, he or she will not be permitted to leave class.

For each unused punch at the end of the semester, the student will receive the following: 

5 unused punches: automatic exemption for final exam, drop lowest test grade.

4 unused punches: drop lowest test grade, 50/50 assessment grade.

3 unused punches: drop lowest class work grade, 25/25 assessment grade.

2 unused punches: drop lowest class work grade.

1 unused punch: one high-five from Mr. Ladd. 

For every two tardies, students will lose one pass. 
For each write-up students will lose one pass.


All accommodations will be followed according to those set forth in the individual student's IEP, 504. etc. 

Unless otherwise noted, extra time to complete assignments is the regular amount of time plus one half (ex: if the assignment is due in 4 days, students who receive extra time will have 6 days).